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Start effectively planning for  severe weather!

Talk to a Weather Safety Expert

It is time to start effectively managing severe weather threats at your club and we are here to help. Let our experts evaluate and provide insights on your club's weather threats, exposures, weather safety policy and weather technology options. 

Who are we? We help sports facilities and golf courses across the country plan, monitor and alert upon severe weather threats like:

  • Lightning
  • Heat Stress
  • High Sustained Wind Speeds
  • Dangerous Thunderstorms
  • High Wind Gusts


Why should you schedule a consult?

Analysis of Threats & Exposures
Get expert advice on the severe weather threats unique to your club's location and where you are most at risk.
2018 Lightning Report
Want more details? We are happy to provide a visualized report of the in-cloud and cloud-to-cloud lightning strikes your club faced in 2018.
Evaluation of Weather Safety Policy
Take it a step further and obtain expert feedback on your existing weather safety policy. Don't have one? We can help with that too!
Advice on Weather Technology
Once you understand your threats and built an effective policy, you will need the right weather detection and alerting technology to make all work. That's our specialty!

What our customers are saying:

We originally installed the system for golf, but we’re using it for everything now. Between tennis, aquatics, and outdoor events, knowing what weather is coming is a big help. Using the mobile application helps us make decisions hour-by-hour for outdoor activities.


Patrick King
General Manager at Army Navy Country Club

Having Earth Networks at our facility has allowed us to be prepared for lightning situations. The information we receive from the system allows us to communicate with our members and guests about where the lightning is, where it looks like it is moving and the approximate time it will take to become safe enough to go back out and play. 

Brian Schuler
Director of Golf at Plantation Preserve
  • We take weather safety seriously. We are passionate about sports and athletics but we need to make sure all our guests are safe. It is critical! Real time advanced weather detection and alerting is needed. We want to take the pressure of human decision making out of the equation. We wanted an automated system that would be uniformly applied to all activities on all our fields.
Keith Lenert
Director of Operations at Maryland SoccerPlex & Discovery Sports Center

Let us help keep your Golfers,
Staff, and Guests