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Start effectively planning for  severe weather!

Talk to a Weather Safety Expert

It is time to start effectively managing severe weather threats at your school and we are here to help. Let our experts evaluate and provide insights on your school's weather threats, exposures, weather safety policy and weather technology options. 

Who are we? We help schools across the country plan, monitor and alert upon severe weather threats like:

  • Lightning
  • Heat Stress
  • High Sustained Wind Speeds
  • Dangerous Thunderstorms
  • High Wind Gusts


Why should you schedule a consult?

Analysis of Threats & Exposures
Get expert advice on the severe weather threats unique to your school's location and where you are most at risk.
2018 Lightning Report
Want more details? We are happy to provide a visualized report of the in-cloud and cloud-to-cloud lightning strikes your school faced in 2018.
Evaluation of Weather Safety Policy
Take it a step further and obtain feedback on your existing weather safety policy. Don't have one? We can help with that too.
Advice on Weather Technology
Once you understand your threats and built an effective policy, you will need the right weather detection and alerting technology to make all work. That's our specialty!

What our customers think of us:

The safety and wellbeing of our student-athletes, coaches, and fans are of the utmost importance in Carroll County, which is why we have an Earth Networks solution.

Dave dolch
Dave Dolch
District A.D. at Carroll County Public Schools

The Earth Networks solution has worked very well for OSU and we are extremely pleased.


Ron Hill
Ron Hill
Emergency Management at OSU
It’s critical and expected to use all the technology available to monitor weather when making judgement calls that impact safety.  Sferic Maps is a user friendly tool any Athletic Facility or Event Manager should have.
Ty Phillps
Ty Phillips
Assistant A.D. at JMU

Let us help keep your Students-Athletes,
Athletic Trainers, and Visitors