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23.8M+ lightning strikes IN EUROPE in 2019

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24/7 hours a day, 365 days a year, Earth Networks is monitoring the skies for lightning strikes with our network of 1,800+ total lightning detection sensors. Many of our weather monitoring and alerting solutions are powered by this powerful network.

Hover over each country to view the number of cloud-to-ground lightning strikes detected by our network in 2019.  

  • 846,441
  • 1,689,104
  • 2,531,766
  • 3,374,429

For more lightning stats, download a copy of our 2019 Europe Lightning Report. 

The complete 2019 Europe Lightning Report includes: 

  • An overview of total lightning activity in Europe during 2019 
  • Total lightning data for European countries
  • Lightning density maps of Europe
  • An overview of how lightning played a role in 2019's severe weather events across the continent

2019 Europe Lightning Report - Click here to view the Report


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