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2019 Club Safety Weather Report

Find out how your colleagues tackle
severe weather safety at their clubs

Ever wonder how other clubs manage lightning? 

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Severe weather events like lightning continue to be a huge safety risk for golfers, visitors, and staff at clubs across the country. But how do clubs view the threat? Or more interestingly, how do they manage the threat of lightning? 

To help answer those questions and more, we surveyed over 200 golf industry professionals from clubs across the country and compiled their responses to form our 2019 Club Safety Weather Report

In this report, expect to find answers to questions like:

  • How impactful is severe weather to clubs?
  • What severe weather events should you be worried about?
  • What safety solutions are popular and effective? 

Mother Nature is one of the few factors your management team can only plan for instead of control. So how does your planning stack up?

Get your copy of our 2019 Club Safety Weather Report. UpperRight_Red2

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