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Top 5 Weather Club Activities that Boost STEM Learning

In this 30-minute session, we examine weather clubs and the activities they do that can boost STEM learning. If you're thinking about starting a weather club (or wondering why you should) to boost STEM learning for your students, this session will help you get started!

Nathan will cover:

  • Weather Club Basics: What is a Weather Club?
  • Why Should You Start a Weather Club?
  • Top 5 Weather Club Activities
  • Exploring Weather Club Activities with Earth Networks Sferic Maps and GLOBE
  • Using Earth Networks and GLOBE Lesson Plans in Weather Clubs

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About this series 

In the STEM Educational Webinar Series, we discuss the ways you can use Earth Networks tools and the GLOBE Program platform to bring weather-related lesson plans to your classroom - all in just 30 minutes!

About the host

Nathan Parker
Support and Training Consultant at Earth Networks

Nathan Parker is a Support and Training Consultant who has been with Earth Networks since the days of WeatherBug. He currently handles training webinars, produces training content on Earth Networks products and services, and assists the Customer Success Team with technical support calls and emails to customers. 

Nathan is also the former President/CEO of Mallard Computer, Inc., was a national member of the NFSM (piano auditions), earning the gold Paderewski medal his final year. In addition to his work for Earth Networks, he is also a Ph.D. student, as well as contributes to a weather blog for his area (WeatherTogether) and is active in keeping his community safe during severe weather with weather updates on Twitter.