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Weather Safety Solutions for
U.S. Federal Government Agencies

We work with 30+ federal agencies across the U.S. government

Every day we work hand in hand with federal agencies to ensure access to the best lightning data and real-time weather observations.

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When it comes to keeping the public safe from severe weather and ensuring smooth operations for critical services, the U.S. government needs reliable, accurate weather intelligence. In our work with over 30 U.S. Federal Government Agencies, we provide solutions to safeguard assets and keeping staff, visitors and infrastructure safe.



Whether it's protecting mission critical space launch and aviation operations at NASA's Wallops Island Flight Facility, supplying National Weather Service forecasters with the world's best lightning data, or keeping visitors and base personnel safe from severe weather at the U.S. Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall, you can feel safer knowing Earth Networks is working behind the scenes.


A few of our federal partners


The National Transportation Safety Board uses Sferic Maps for real-time weather tracking and our historical weather data for incident investigations.

Department of the Treasury

The Department of the Treasury oversees the US Federal Reserve, which utilizes Sferic for real-time weather monitoring and forecasting.

Department of Defense

The Department of Defense has trusted Earth Networks lightning data to help support a number of its weather sensitive, mission critical branches such as the US Air Force, the US Navy, and the US Army.

U.S. Army

The U.S. Army proving grounds has leveraged our total lightning network data to support operations and safety at its numerous proving grounds.


The FAA uses our total lightning data as an input to synthetic radar in their Offshore Precipitation Capability currently being used throughout the Caribbean where little to no radar exists.


The U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management leverages our real-time and historical total lightning data for hundreds of employees across the country to visualize on our weather map.

We have a solution for you

Storm Tracking 

Sferic Maps is the ultimate web-based weather visualization, monitoring and alerting tool featuring an extensive library of preset weather observation layers including Earth Networks Total Lightning, NWS Alerts, radar, and more.


Mobile Alerting

Your job demands that you have the latest information for any threat that could affect your operations. Whether you oversee one facility or manage distributed venues, having immediate access to new developments is critical. Weather changes can be unexpected, particularly severe weather such as lightning, hail, and high winds. When these events come out of the blue, our Sferic Mobile keeps you on top of things.


Outdoor Alerting

Outdoor facilities now have access to the first commercially available outdoor mass notification system that is fully integrated with in-cloud and cloud-to-ground lightning detection technology. Issue automated alerts up to 50% earlier than other methods and clear outdoor spaces well before the storm arrives. 


Custom Forecasting

Weather impacts the cost of doing business. Organizations in recreation, aviation, energy production, utilities, banking, and broadcast media, among others, rely on our team of expert weather data scientists to help them make the best possible operational weather-influenced decisions.


Lightning Data

Our Total Lightning Network™ is the first of its kind. With over 1,700 sensors covering over 100 countries around the world, our network is the most extensive and technologically-advanced global lightning network. Our ability to monitor in-cloud lightning sets us apart from other lightning networks by enabling the most complete lightning system. Detecting in-cloud lightning enables us to generate faster, localized storm alerts and warn of other forms of severe weather like tornadoes, downbursts and hail.


Weather Stations

Built to withstand and measure all kinds of threats, our weather station quietly records crucial information about the environment and turns it into the most useful data around–yours. Whether you’re monitoring heat and humidity levels or ice cold temperatures to protect people outdoors, measuring rainfall to determine how to treat agriculture, or monitoring neighborhood-level weather conditions for public safety, access to real-time, local weather intelligence is critical.



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