How can lightning detection systems expand weather safety and awareness in South Asia?

Understanding how lightning contributes to the impacts of severe weather is important in saving lives and infrastructure through advanced warning. Earth Networks Total Lightning Network constantly detects and records lightning and severe weather events in advance, alerting populations with a severe weather alert up to 50% faster than other sources. Data is recorded to increase the efficiency of future weather detecting. 

Presented below is a 25-page report that shows data from lightning and severe weather events in South Asia during 2020. This report can help you understand and prepare for these weather events. 

For more lightning stats, download a copy of our 2020 South Asia Lightning Report. 

The complete 2020 South Asia Lightning Report includes: 

  • An overview of total lightning activity in India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh during 2020
  • Lightning density maps of South Asia
  • An overview of how lightning played a role in 2020's severe weather events across the countries